Winning brands is moving one stride forward! We look at every brand as a holistic element and we create distinctive and a sacrosanct plan with our network.
We are a complete 360-Degree Communication network, based in India with global offices in Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia & Colombo. We have a complete media spectrum that comprises Travel Media, (Inflight Magazine, Airport & Airline advertisements), Television, Digital, Radio, Cinema, and OOH.
Our greatest strength is our team. A team that has been chosen for various strengths and expertise, that reflects in every communication.

Mission Statement

To become leading global media outsource company, while focusing on organisation growth by creating independent opportunities and to deliver exceptional value growth to our clients & partners.

Leadership Team

Deepak Agrawal,

Founder & Director

Follow your heart, it will never fail you!

Deepak Agrawal comes from a Chemical Manufacturing & Financing family background but he knew early that his heart was not on this and decided to chart his own path of progress. He has an innate sense of business and has performed well in whatever he did. He started out has an independent investor and today has clocked 25 rich years of successfully investing in multiple business portfolios. Currently, he owns an International chain of restaurants in South East Asia & UAE.
He loves vegetarian cuisine, and his secret anti-dote to de-stress is yesteryear Indian Music.

Abdul Majid Khan,

COO & Vice-President - Global Revenue

Abdul Majid Khan is a seasoned media professional with over 24 years in Indian and International media houses. Innovation and a penchant to unearth new means to growth are his strengths. He holds the challenging job of spearheading the revenue growth, for the partner satellite channels in India and Dubai besides acquisition of new media partnerships.
He started his career with Yellow Pages, then moved on to Dubai to handle operations for the Maxposure Media Group. He was also the South Head for the India Today group and the General Manager South for IN 10 Media.
His skills of adaptability are remarkable. His sales techniques are even more remarkable and very practical for today’s world. A real ‘Go-Getter’, is what the people who have worked with him would address him as. He loves Indian cuisine and is an avid explorer who loves traveling to new exotic destinations plus he is a fitness enthusiast too.

Rajesh Lodha,

CFO & Director

If you know the facts of life, life becomes easier to live!

Mr. Rajesh Lodha is an interesting man with an equal amount of interesting facts up his sleeve. Mr. Rajesh’s journey of 25 years in the Marketing & Finance industry has not been easy. Today, he is the Director of Real Estate & Real Estate dependent companies like Astalakshmi Real Estates Pvt. Ltd, Astalakshmi Foundations Pvt. Ltd., Developer Home & Acres Pvt. Ltd. and Partner in Lodha Estates more; companies which are active in buying & selling, brokerage, re-sell or re-buy and more. Lodha Finance India Ltd. is a huge support finance limited company helping clients in the real estate industry and Mr. Rajesh, the Managing Director of this company, has helped so many real estate promoters and developers in their construction projects. Plus, he is also a financial consultant for his off-shore clients in Dubai and Hong Kong. Personally, a fun loving and jovial person, He loves travelling and meeting people. And, his good nature is mostly admired by a lot of people around him. Maybe, people help other people only when they empathize & not just sympathize and Mr. Rajesh is an example.

Shilpi Yadav,

Global HR Business Partner

Shilpi Yadav is working with us as a Global HR Business Partner, with experience managing global teams and multi-million-dollar campaigns. Her background in brand strategy, Team management, and account management inform her mindful but competitive approach. Shilpi is fuelled by her passion for understanding the nuances of cross-cultural business strategies. She deems herself a ‘forever student,’ eager to both compiled on her academic foundations in Human resource management and Finance, and stays in tune with the latest Sales marketing strategies through continued coursework.
Her hunger for knowledge and willingness to turn information into action has contributed to her most recent success at NKN Media, where she led national and international teams. Meanwhile, she vastly improved the productivity of her team by implementing strategic process management methods and ensuring a work-life balance for her department.
She speculates mindfulness in the workplace is key to achieving a tenet. She lives out through her interests in yoga, meditation, gardening, and reading.

Wasiq Waseem,

Senior Manager, Delhi

Asad Hussain Dharsi,

Regional Head, UAE

Ankit Chopra

Asst. Vice- President - Revenue, UAE

Nayeem Dakhway,

General Manager - Revenue, UAE

Ratan Deb,

Asst. General Manager - Revenue, UAE