Radio Marketing

We are an FM radio advertising agency with various business generation plans. NKN Media can advertise for your product or brand in the FM radio stations in the metro cities as well as a hundred other Indian cities on the top-notch radio stations.

Off late, most of the families in the big metro cities of India are purchasing private cars with in-built radio devices. Our NKN Media team collaborates with AIR, Radio Fever, Radio Mirchi, Radio Indigo, Radio One, Suryan FM as well as other popular local radio channels. With radio advertisement, it is possible to target customers in the local regions across the metro cities and other big cities located in India.

Radio Jingle Ad

This is known for being the most popular option for advertising to create a consistent job of the customer. Our dedicated and experienced team and help you by composing jingle for your brand and products. Additionally, we can ensure to provide you the best FM channel slots available.

Radio City Hindi

Red FM 93.5

92.7 Big FM

Fever 104 FM

Suryan 93.5 FM Radio

BBC Radio

Chennailive 104.8 FM

BBC Three Counties Radio


Resonanace FM

Radio Zindagi


Arena 89.4 radio

Radio Malayalam 98.6 FM

Hello 106.4 FM

BBC Hindi

Radio Mirchi

XFM 96.3

FM Rainbow 102.6

Oli 96.8 FM

OYE 104.8 FM

104.8 CLUB FM

Suno FM 89.4

91.9 FM Kerala

95-106 Capital FM

Indigo 91.9 FM

Virgin Radio 94.5

Magic Radio

RJ Mention Advertisement

Radio jockeys from popular radio stations will comply and mention your product or brand in the FM slots booked for you. With NKN Media, you can make your products reachable in eminent FM programs at appropriate slots.

Sponsorship Tags

Undoubtedly radio sponsorship creates an effective impact in the minds of the listeners as well as generates brand awareness by connecting directly with them. This option is a bit expensive for creating brand awareness.


This is a premium method of advertisement for reaching the non- clustered group of audience. You can select the roadblock advertisement option for several exposures. Your advertisement will air continuously, tapping the mind of your target group of customers in a subtle way.

For All Major Radio Advertisement!