OOH Advertising

According to the research it has been found that 48% people prefer to click on mobile advertisements after having a glance of the same on outdoor advertisements. However, OOH includes advertisements on bus shelters, billboards benches, other street furniture, and signs in various transit areas like train stations, airports, etc. Also, viable place-based advertisements in the cinema hall or sports stadium are highly effective in serving the purpose.

Outdoor Advertisement

It is easy to grab the attention of your audience to outdoor advertisements. In shopping malls, customers are usually in their spending mood. Setting up demographics in the relaxing atmosphere will definitely makes it noticeable to your targeted group of customers. Endorsing products in front of your store is a perfect solution for advertising your brand or product.


As per the research, Billboard advertisements have the capability of convincing about 70% of consumers. Some of typical how-to advertisement options are digital billboards, mobile and static ads. They have the potential to convert the value of your business sales drastically.

Mall Activity

Consumers visiting shopping malls usually spend their day with the intention of spending money. They react positively to on-site promotions. So, advertising your business products in shopping malls through mobile or outdoor promotion, live promotion etc. is the best promotional method for reaching the campaigning goal.

Live Promotion In Mall

A live marketing event when conducted in a mall makes your business brand recognizable and memorable. It represents a welcoming change among the customers. This kind of event in shopping malls is specifically conducted for addressing multiple customer groups that can be done with road shows and single bookings. Moreover, it increases product or brand awareness. You also get an opportunity to make conversation with customers through life marketing events in malls.

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